Southern Highlands Wine Trail

The Southern Highlands Wine Trail explores the many boutique wineries in the region, providing an opportunity to find great wines while enjoying the picturesque countryside and mild climate of the Highlands.

You can drive yourself around the wine trail, taking advantage of how every winery is just a short drive away through lush farmlands. Or you can join one of the organised Southern Highlands wine tours and let them do the driving so you can sample more of the local drop.

Either way you can’t go wrong. The Southern Highlands really are another world, yet they are little more than an hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD.

Use our map of the Southern Highlands Wine Trail to find all the cellar doors. On the map you can:

– zoom in by double clicking the place you want to look at.

– zoom in or out with the slider or your mouse scroll wheel,

– click and drag the map to move around,

– click on markers for winery name, address, opening hours,

– click on the Google search box at bottom left to search for a winery or location by name.

CLICK HERE to view The Southern Highlands Wine Trail in a larger map
SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS WINE TRAIL MAP – Want more info? Click above link for map with directions, GPS and street view.

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    I think this is a great idea. Where the Southern Highlands Wine Trail located. I think their wine is one of the best. Thank you.

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