St Maur Southern Highlands Estate Winery at Exeter

St Maur cantina style cellar door

St Maur's cantina style cellar door

Towards the southern end of the Southern Highlands Wine Trail is St Maur Estate, a unique vineyard and cellar door with the feel of a Northern Italian cantina. 

St Maur is at the corner of Old Argyle Road and Sallys Corner Road at Exeter, about five kilometers from the well known Sutton Forest service center, Roadhouse and McDonalds on the Hume Highway halfway between Sydney and Canberra. The estate itself goes back nearly 200 years to the days of the famous Australian explorer John Oxley. Since 1976 the land has been owned by the Panizzutti family, who planted the St Maur vineyard.

St Maur's latest Chardonnay

St Maur Chardonnay

The St Maur cantina cellar door is a delightfully atmospheric place to stop for a glass of wine and a chat, and the wines are among the best in the Highlands. Best known for their Pinot Noir, which is stocked by some of Sydney’s finest restaurants, St Maur also produces a Cabernet Merlot and an outstanding Chardonnay.

  1. Maura Wells
    May 11th, 2009 at 16:24 | #1

    Just had the most beautiful St. Maur Pinot Noir 2002, very very nice, do you have any more available in stock. Would love to come down and visit your winery soon.
    regards Maura Wells.

  2. Charles Handmer
    May 26th, 2009 at 00:02 | #2

    Hi Maura, sorry it took a little while to reply. I dropped into St Maur Estate Winery yesterday and asked the owner about the excellent 2002 Pinot Noir, which I had also bought a case of a couple of years ago. Anyway, like my case of 2002, he said that it was long gone. He is also just about sold out of the latest Pinot Noir vintage, 2005, but has 2003 and 2004 available. I tried both (a tough job but someone has to do it:-) and think the 2004 vintage is the most like the 2002 drop, so I recommend that you buy that, or the 2005 St Maur Pinot Noir if you are luck enough to find it in a shop near you.

  1. June 16th, 2009 at 01:16 | #1